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The GSM data transmission system developed by Ring Games Ltd enables the wireless data query of different machines. Primarily it is a universal key for financial and diagnostic purposes.
The employment comes along with a demonstrable profit for the operators. The cost of the site travel can be saved, and the arised errors can be discovered in advance, as a consequence the preparation of the error-correcting is easier and more effective.
More over the device can also help to recognize cheating manipulations. An intelligent mobil unit must be installed in each machines queried. Different types are available depending on the function of the machine (gaming industry, commerce, industrial automatism…etc).
One type of data transmission system can be attached as a module to the „RING” made Integrated Monitoring Device of the slot machine, so the operator be able to query data from the IMD from distance.

Description of the system
The system is modular. It means that the actual configuration depends on the requirements of the application. The system consists of the following modules.
GSM modules (one of them is required)
- Default GSM module: required if the data processing is carried out only with a personal computer
- WAP GSM module: besides the data monitoring with PC it is also possible to track the data with a standard GSM mobile phone (e.g.: Nokia 6600) with a WAP browser

The system uses standard SIM cards on the 900/1800/1900 MHz frequencies.

Download the detailed technical information of the system.

GSM data transmission system with radio modules

The RD01 (RD Radio Transmitter – Radio Data Acquisition System Unit) type unit is one of the item of the Data Acquisition System Family developed by Ring Games Ltd.
With the use of the unit, individual or collective data query/control can be implemented: it is able to receive various types of input signals, outputs can be controlled and it is also able to communicate with the outside world using industrial standards communication protocol. The RD01 unit contains an industrial radio transceiver module, which can provide all the functions of the device on 433 MHz radio frequency connection at ISM band remotely.

The complete system can be divided into two segments: 1 piece of Master, or one or more, but maximum 60 pieces of Slave unit.
The system is able to monitor or control 60 Slaves continuously. The Slave unit possesses 8 different optically isolated low or high current inputs, 4 high current outputs and a standard RS-232 port.
The Master unit is part of the DAS02 type multifunction unit of GSM Data Acquisition System in the Data Acquisition System Family.

Operation method: the Master unit provides the storage of the received data sent by the Slave Units real-time. The stored data then can be retrieved either locally through the RS232 standard serial port or remotely using GSM data transmission. Users can also control the correspondent outputs of the each single Slave unit.

The DAS02 is suitable for various application fields for example: vending machines, slot machines, alarm systems, building automation, etc… The device firmware is extremely flexible, that is why unique tasks are easy to carry out.