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The Black box (IMD) is an appropriate data recorder, developed according to the 21/2000 (V.18) decree of the Ministry of Finance, and also in accordance with the technical requirements prescribed by the National Office of Measure (NOM). It can be built in slot machines produced for Hungarian operation in conformity with the licence of the type. The producers of the machines are able to attach it easily for all control systems via serial port.

The protocols of the communication between the MACHINE and the IMD can be downloaded from the website.

The Blackbox produced by Ring Games Ltd is one of the most secure operating slot machine data recorder. We have sold more than 50.000 pieces of it in the I. and the II. category slot machines. Our professional service background and technical colleagues are ready to solve all the emerging problems. Our multilingual contributors are prepared for technical negotiations in English and German language.
The handling program of the Blackbox has become a freeware. The operator version can be downloaded from our website. The full version needed for production and control will be sent after registration to the users.

There are also data recorders available, developed and operating
successfully for foreign use.

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