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Deleting data of the Integrated Monitoring Device (IMD)…

  • Deleting data of the Integrated Monitoring Device built in the slot machine is not possible, the handling programs are unsuitable for this purposes. The circuit formation allows only that in the course of regular operation the stored current counter position changes according to the played games. In this way the requested data of the games are registered continuously, but the data of terminated days, months, quarters, and years can not be changed.
    The authorised professional of the National Office of Measures possesses the licence of all inscribes, configurations and installation, but he is not able to delete the data of the IMD.


  • The IMD architecture capable for 5 year period data storage. The maximum endurance of a slot machine is 5 years in Hungary. So the IMD is able to store a life long data emergent in virtue of the technological requirements of the National Office of Measures. The IMD can be reconfigured 20 times in total, however the chance of so many authentication is very small in a year’s time per machine. Sometimes it happens that a slot machine gets reconstructed with an up to date program. In this case if the changes of the new slot machines requires, for example the machine gets a new manufacturing number, than an empty IMD is able to store a 5 year long period of data. The data of different manufacturing number machines can not be in one IMD, because the IMD belongs to a given manufacturing number slot machine’s hardware. As a consequence, simultaneously with the renewal, either deleting the data of IMD or installing a new IMD.


  • Only the manufacturer does the standard deleting of the IMD. Ring Games Ltd registers all IMD deleting, and does it only for a written request made exclusively by the claimant. There is no way of selective or partial deleting due to the circuit result of the data storage, because in the course of the deleting process, all the data removes simultaneously. It is expedient, that the operator previously officially saves the required IMD data for deleting with the help of an authorisation expert of the NOM and reports it as well. With this process the contingent controversy with the revenue office can be excluded later on.


About the IMD warranty…

  • We undertake 5 year general warranty for each IMD. According to section b)of the IMD certificate, the contract of the warranty is not applied to such cases which “occurs due to independent conditions of the manufacturer”. So if there is a need for component replace in the IMD due to manufacturer error, we do it for free of charge. When the circuit was damaged decidedly because of wrong binding, we can not repair it gratis.
  • It happens that the IMD must be deleted regularly. This operation for the manufacturer means, that the operator receives a warrant and a new device that can be used for 5 years, because the installation into a new machine means a 5 year long lifetime. This comes with responsibility for us, so all the IMD goes through on an obligatory regular manufacture test after the deleting process. We only undertake the installation of a used device, component or module, if it is perfect, therefor it can be guaranteed with same parameters as a new. However this can not be judged visually. In case there is a component replaced that is significantly dominates the operation, the IMD goes through on an overall test, and in the course of the test the entire stored data will be erased. The deleting transactions are not included in the guarantee except for the warranty correction of the IMD having defective component. Deleting transaction of the IMD and the test-run is an organic part in the manufacturing process, it is also exacting which results expenses; as a consequence it can not be completed for free of charge.