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More than 50.000 pieces of Integrated Monitoring Device sold

From our Blackbox (IMD), considered as the standard data recording device of the slot machine industry by the National Office of Measure (NOM) we have sold over 50.000 pieces in the hungarian and foreign markets.

Remote supervision system of automats by GSM technology

Supervision of gambling and other type of automats by GSM technology. Very useful for financial, diagnostic and safeguarding purposes.

Multiplay - slot machine cabinets with video display

Suitable for Amatic, EAC, Ring, Webak, Casino Technology program cards.
Both wooden and metal version are available in our store.

Sale of new and used slot machines

Super Donkey, Multi Dice, Super Dice, Extra Dice, Bonus Dice, 5Line Stars, Double Six, Fruit Run Plus, etc.

Assembly of converting kits for long term spaced payment.

Sale of the converting kits of the most popular gambling machines of Hungary with full administration.

NOM standardization

Professional standardization of gambling machines with fast administration.

Comfort Databank

New, highly flexible data management software for operators of gambling machines.

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